Hello Stunners!

Believe me this space is for you where I will solve for you the biggest dilemma of the millennium

How to prepare your favourite meals in the least calories possible!

Yes so here I am to your rescue where I will prepare for you some amazing recipes all cooked within 2tbsp of oil and not compromising on taste… So stay tuned and join me for some fantastic content, over the top healthy recipes, fun tips to hold on to for your fitness goals and a lot more!!

Lets together create some WOWness and let cravings meet health!!

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Hi, I am Arshy Eram and I am a cooking enthusiast.

I love to build and cook recipes which will leave you in AWHHH.. Off late I realised that it is such a challenge for people who want to eat mindfully but do not want to miss out on the joys of life. That is when I decided that eating healthy should not come up with a cost of giving away the beautiful moments of enjoying food and celebrations

So, thats what I am here for.. I welcome you all to this Saga of absolute deliciousness, fun food and so much to enjoy. I will be creating for you such jaw dropping recipes which will be cooked in nothing more than 2 tbsp of oil or even less!! Not only that we will also be discussing on fantastic health tips, weight loss goals, monthly cheat meals, healthy desserts and a lot more..

Yes and thats a promise from me to you, for which in return I just want you to come and shower your love. So keep visiting this space for such recipes which will change your life and like I said help you PULL UP THAT PERFECT SIZE you have been waiting for!

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Instagam : uff_healthgoals

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